The Challenge:

Real world learning. Project based studies. Schools are now working to provide opportunities for students to learn in the context of real problems of meaningful complexity, particularly in the local community of students' personal experience and interest.

Many of these applied research education projects involve a data collection component; count this, observe that, measure these. Schools need a quick, easy and inexpensive solution for data collection systems on handheld computer platforms- such as Palm Pilots and others. These systems must then deliver this collected information in a variety of formats for use in analysis, review and reporting.

The Solution:

Using Portable Forms, students can quickly and easily create data collection forms that can be converted to handheld applications, easily and affordably.

At one school, students as young as pre-kindergarten conduct field research projects in conjunction with a local environmental group. For older students, much of this research involves collecting hundreds of samples and measurements over a month long period. This information is then compiled into reports as well as delivered to state and federal agencies.

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