Field Engineering

The Challenge:

A large national engineering company was recently awarded a multiyear project to monitor groundwater contamination at a major air force base in the Midwest. The project involves geology field crews collecting thousands of records of information each month including instrument readings of water elevation and pH, as well as written observations. They also periodically draw samples of water to send to labs for analysis.

In the past, the information was collected on field forms, then keyed into computer databases and geographic information systems. For years, the project managers had looked to computerize these forms on handheld computers but were never successful in convincing their MIS groups to make the investment in time and money to develop the necessary application. Then they found Portable Forms.

The Solution:

Using Portable Forms, the scientists have been able to create and manage the computerization of these field projects themselves. Five specific field forms were created, each focusing on functional areas of the project. Field technicians and geologists now collect findings on HP iPAQ handheld computers and communicate this data back to a central database at the end of the day. Copies of the same findings are sent automatically to regulators that archive this information in document management systems.

Remarkably, Portable Forms helped the company reduce their operational budget for this project by over $500 per week with a payback time of less than six months. Portable Forms is now in use on three other projects that the company is involved in at this time.

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