Health Care

The Challenge:

A busy cardiologist and eight other physicians see hundreds of patients in their office and at two local hospitals each week. For years, the doctors have been frustrated with the time and costs expended on medical record keeping, referring physician reports, discharge instructions, insurance submissions and transcription services.

One of the doctors recommended a custom cardiac medical application for the doctors' Palm Pilots, which they already used for scheduling, to-do lists, and memos. But they soon learned that the enormous programming costs would not justify the investment. Then they discovered Rovenet Portable Forms.

The Solution:

Rovenet Portable Forms offers the easiest, most affordable way to help medical professionals spend less time generating and maintaining records and more time providing quality patient care.

Their Portable Forms reseller helped them to quickly and easily create a group of forms to meet their clinical and administrative needs. Today, the doctors update the forms on handheld devices and automatically deliver the data collected to their office's insurance software and Access database. It even automatically faxes or e-mails reports to referring physicians. Plus, all records are securely transmitted in accordance with the stringent HIPAA regulations.

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