Inspections and Assessments

The Challenge:

A university with over 250 buildings has thousands of extinguishers that must be inspected by their maintenance crew every month to ensure safety.

Each inspection involves 10 questions on a field form including location, condition, charge and other information. These forms are then keyed into Access databases for record keeping and reports. Action reports are generated for any extinguishers that don't pass.

The University VP for Operations believed that computerizing the inspections on handheld devices would reduce overhead, ensure accuracy, and streamline the inspection process. He reviewed a number of systems, but none seemed flexible enough for the university's needs. Then he found Portable Forms.

The Solution:

Using Portable Forms, the university staff created three separate inspection to computerize the fire extinguisher information. Running on Symbol Technologies handheld computer/bar code scanners, maintenance personnel quickly adapted to the new system.

Now, inspectors scan each extinguisher's identifying bar code and then answer a few questions about its condition. This information is then communicated wirelessly back to a central database for record keeping and reporting. At the same time, exception reports are automatically generated for any extinguishers that require service.

Portable Forms has been so successful that the university created 60 additional forms for other maintenance inspection and assessment functions campus wide.

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