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Published: 2021-06-18 06:09:39
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- Meaning of AQI and the Levels of Air Quality

- AQI is an indexing figure that reports the quality of air on a daily basis. AQI is able to tell the extent to which air is polluted and how such pollution can be hazardous to human body and the ecological life in general. There are six levels of air quality. These levels of air quality are shown the table below:

- The Meaning of BADOzone and its Riskiness in Children

- BADOzone is that region of the atmosphere that is in contact with the atmosphere thus its contamination puts human and ecological life in danger.

- The BADOzone part of the atmosphere is very risky for children because their lungs are still delicate.

For instance, when the ozone level increases, children’s lungs are more exposed to asthma which can end up in death of the children.

- The Effect of Air Speed and Wind of the Smog in the City

Air Speed and Wind affects the quality of air in the smog city. Firstly, when the winds move up, the quality of air can go down. Therefore, the stability of quality air is triggered thus affecting smooth breathing which might lead to heath complications.

- The Effect of Temperature on the Level of Smog in the City

The increase in temperature affects the level of air quality as well. For instance, increase in temperature in the smog city leads to the fall of quality. Increase in temperature causes imbalance in the quality of air and that is dangerous to ecological life. The imbalance in the quality of air is due to the disturbance of air particles thus causing infrequent movements in the air. The disturbance caused is likely to affect the quality of life because air can become unhealthy or hazardous.

- Emission Type With the Greatest of on Air Quality

The type of emission with the greatest impact on air is carbon. The main reason why carbon emissions are dangerous to ecological life is that they reduce the quality of oxygen thus causing breathing problems.

- Smog on a Clear Day or Cloudy Day

The level of smog is higher on a cloudy day compared to a clear day. The reason for this occurrence is that during a cloudy day, the rate at which air particles move is limited than on a clear day.

Nastiest city air occurs when the air quality index is between 151-200, 201-300 and 301-500. At these levels, the level of air is unhealthy, very unhealthy and hazardous.

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