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Published: 2021-06-18 05:19:53
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Discussion 2
This article seeks to provide solutions to three specific issues concerning the application of information technology in enterprises as they relate to ISCA (Information system of control and auditing). These issues include maintenance of information strategy goals and businesses objectives, efficient resource utilization and control of information technology related risks. The authors propose the improvement of IT governance to address these issues. The IT governance needs to include responsibilities of Chief information officer and chief financial officer clearly defined and ensure that overall planning is detailed.
Discussion 3
This paper explores the issue of inaccurate data in relational databases. Problems of reliability of answers to queries develop in relational databases systems especially in cases where there are varying degrees of reliability of sources used. The author approaches the handling of these issues by using a model that considers sources from different areas and uses two assumptions. One assumption is that reliabilities are associated with sources of information and the second one is tuples are considered as a unit of data and source of information is recorded for each tuple.
Discussion 4
This article provides a discussion of a unified probabilistic model, which can be applied in the modeling of relationships between attributes and objects for the purposes of attribute prediction and object recognition. The unified probabilistic model captures relationships for attribute prediction and object recognition. Four experiments done using a-Pascal, Yahoo, Sun Attribute and AWA for attribute prediction and object recognition indicate significant improvements using this model especially where new objects are used.
Discussion 5
This article discusses the constructs, semantics and usage of variability modeling languages. These modes deal with features of products in a product line. The variability models analyzed are 128 in total. The research seeks to address the concepts of application of variability modeling languages in the real world and the studying of realistic variability models that are expressed in these languages.
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