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Published: 2021-06-18 05:09:47
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Choosing a career in a rapid developing era like ours is a serious challenge to face. Surely, there are a lot of business areas that are very popular and profitable nowadays – for instance, Information Technology, Banking, Manufacturing and so on. We have become a generation of consumerism and every day each of us buy more and more products and property. It results in a growing fear to lose all this, and of course the main personal value – health, as today’s business environment requires a lot of energy and hard work. Undoubtedly, more people try to insure their private property and life. Having quite a business-oriented mind, I decided to dedicate myself specifically to insurance business and satisfy a growing demand for this kind of services.

My most desired long-term goal is to run my own successful and profitable insurance agency. I am ready to face all the difficulties that might occur and I am absolutely ready to work as much as required to reach success in this business. Besides getting all kinds of profits from my own company, it is crucial for me to do what I really like doing. Thus, I am choosing insurance business, because it is something I would like to dedicate myself to for the rest of my life.

I consider myself to be a good leader as I always strive to work on my leadership skills and improve them whenever I have an opportunity. That is why I was one of 100 sophomores inducted into the Florida Leadership Academy for the business college. Being an energetic and goal-oriented person helped me a lot while being involved in my sorority and I am pretty sure it will also be very helpful in insurance business. As for my hobbies, I like to work out and attend sporting events – sport is very similar to business and only the best one can win. I also love spending time with my two Labrador puppies – they are my support at anything I do and I truly love them.

I fully realize that leadership and organizational skills alone, without fundamental knowledge in insurance business, will not result in a successful and profitable insurance company. Hence, I decided to obtain a Master’s degree of risk management and insurance and gain as much useful knowledge as possible. Surely, only theoretical aspects of insurance industry without practice cannot be very useful, that is why I am going to work in a corporate insurance company to have an opportunity to test my professional skills in practical use.
Currently I am a senior and I will be graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance. I strongly believe that financial education is crucial for a good manager and Master’s degree of risk management and insurance would be a perfect addition to a good Insurance agency’s manager.

I am a very decisive and confident person, thus I will do my best at studies and at work. I always strive for excellence, no matter how much time and effort it will take. For now my goal is to become professional at insurance industry and I hope that I can accomplish it very soon. My first step to success in insurance business will be in January when I will be taking a 200-hour class to get my 2-20 license in the state of Florida.

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