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Published: 2021-06-18 07:18:46
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I come from a family that lays great emphasis on the attainment of quality education and this has been a driving force in my journey through school, college, and now, university. I firmly believe that learning is a continuous process and that a person needs to grow and develop throughout his life in order to be intellectually satisfied. I have had a lifelong interest in the field of science. For most of my childhood, chemistry was a great passion, to be able to create new products from scratch. I participated in several science fairs at the school level and found success. However, science itself is a broad field, and I faced a tough challenge in deciding which field to focus on for higher education.

While I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in one of the fields of science, I sought a profession that would enable me to optimally utilize my passion to create and discover. At the same time, I wanted to be part of a field that would help me make life changing contributions to humanity in the long run. Finding the right field in which to direct my efforts was proving to be a tough task. In order to determine which field would be best suited for me, I sought the opinion of professionals who were employed in various scientific fields. Among those that I spoke to, it was a Doctor of Pharmacy whose enthusiasm and dedication towards his work appealed to me the most. I also realized that pharmacology was the perfect harmonization of chemistry, biology and human interaction, a synergy that greatly fascinates me.

It has been my goal to use my knowledge if science to leave a lasting, positive impact on society. In my view, a profession should be an extension of an individual’s beliefs, passions and capabilities. The field of medicine and pharmacy have all the characteristics that I am looking for in a profession. The research and development of medicines that enable patients to lead a better quality of life would be an ideal field, satisfying my passion for discovery as well as fulfilling my goal to serve the community at large.

Once I had decided that I wanted to pursue a career in Pharmacology, I immediately sought to expand my understanding of the field. For this purpose, I volunteered at free clinics to gain firsthand experience in dealing with people from all walks of life who are suffering from all kinds of illnesses. Further, I volunteered at my university health center’s pharmacy to understand the practical functioning of a pharmacy. My experiences as a volunteer have served to further strengthen my belief that Pharmacology would be the right career choice for person of my abilities and interests. In the educational sphere, I am currently pursuing a B.Sc. degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Maryland, College Park.

My immediate and short term goal is to attain quality education in the pharmaceuticals field and it is for this purpose that I am applying for the Doctor of Pharmacy degree. As I work towards achieving this goal, I would also focus on gaining maximum exposure to experts in various functions of pharmacology and achieve a more comprehensive learning experience. My mid-term goals include acquiring an internship at an institute of repute involved in the research and development of medication and drugs. This would enable me to gain practical experience in the field of pharmacology. My long term goal is to be in a position to research and develop low cost medication for common yet fatal illnesses and make them easily accessible across continents and societal levels.

I believe that my past experience and education will help me in pursuing my overall objective. Attaining the Doctor of Pharmacy would be the next step towards achieving my goals and I believe I have the right amount of dedication, commitment, knowledge and competency to fulfill my aims.

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