Example Of Case Study On The Deep Water Horizon Disaster

Published: 2021-06-18 05:48:59
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The Deep Water Horizon is one of the most compelling disasters that have ever been recorded in the US in so far as oil spills and fire tragedies are concerned. The explosion had far-reaching implications because the spills negatively condemned the immediate environment and effectively rendered most of the people not employed because of the manifestations of the disaster. The spill majorly affected the ocean to the extent that the aqua system was put in jeopardy because of the oil infiltration. This team compromising of Dustin, Adrianna, Daniel and Mohammed seeks to analyze the problem and its implications not just for the people but also to the environment.
The oil spill in any jurisdiction can have far-reaching implication on the wellbeing of the environment. Without delving into the cause of the oil spill, it is imperative to provide a narrative of the extent to which the disaster affected certain entities within the environmental setup. The oil leaks affected the ocean eco-system in diverse ways. For instance, the oil covered the surface over a wide area. The implication is that limited air could penetrate the water effectively causing the suffocation of the animals. The oil spills also affected the marshes and the shorelines. The scientist has suggested that what can be observed from the face value cannot be judged because the unseen are the most compelling. The dead animals are a serious environmental disaster and such propensities only further the negative effects on the natural environment. Oil spills are broken down into millions of particulars to the extent that they spread through the various layers of the ocean causes disenfranchisement to the natural environment.
The deep-water horizon also affected the humans that depended on the facility for employment. For instance, in the event that an explosion occurs in a company, it takes time for operations to be resumed. The human resource at the company is then compelled to stay on the periphery until normalcy returns and safety issues are enhanced. When people are out of employment, they cannot gain some income and neither can they save or invest. The oil spill affected the livelihoods of people, both in the immediate environment and other regions that directly depended on the facility for gainful employment.
Another area that must have been affected by the deep-water horizon crisis is the revenue collection and subsequent tax claims. Oil companies pay numerous taxes on what they extract and sometimes the government has a specific amount that they compel the firms to pay as a consequence of dealing with contingencies emerging from certain crisis situations. Consequently, the residents in the immediate environment have to be paid tax claims because they do not benefit from the proceeds from the oil. It is imperative to underscore that some of the industries must have been affected by the disaster. For example, when the oil spills are manifest at the beaches and shores, it is impossible for tourists to visit such locations either for refreshing moments.
The deep-water horizon had far-reaching effects on the well-being of the society and humans. While it affected the natural settings, the humans were also negatively affected. Consequently, the disaster must have had a negative effect on the economy in terms of revenue collection and tax claims. Oil firms have the responsibility of properly managing disasters so that they do not affect the people and the eco-system in a negative fashion.

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