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Published: 2021-06-18 05:11:42
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Settling a peaceful life in a tempestuous place is possible or not?
Settling a peaceful life in a tempestuous place is possible or not?
Inner realization and solace is a component aspired by every individual of present times. The very search is the objective of my present state in life. I searched books and scholarly reading of poetry and religious scripts. The vision of realization was obvious but the essence of sensation in person was distant away. The very thought when searched in readings illusify verified opinions. However, the approach to attain the state of solace and self realization in my opinion can be consolidated in the theory illustrated below;
Spiritual peace and solace can easily be achieved in small towns. The urban areas are too occupied to offer the element of realization.
Barry (Schwartz, 834 – 841)has illustrated the same point with a distinct dimension in 'The tyranny of choice'. The idea of urbanisation with abundance in choice is depicted an element of devastation out of unsatisafction. The broad base of choices makes oneself remain confused for the choice made or decisions upheld. Hence, the very aspect instills frustration and disappointment that drags the solace and peace of mind away from an individual.
The urban cities offer a wide variety of choices to meet up the demand of different individual from a variety of lifestyles, belief and behaviour. Hence, the choice soon turns into stressful survivorship, which in the words of Schwartz can be recognised as the state that refers "satisfiers are happier than maximisers". On the other hand, the limited choices provide us a control, transforming the tyranny of choice into freedom for solace. An individual is not bound with the features of uniqueness or identity but reflection only with limited options. Thus, it can be comprehended that too many choices enable bemused sensation that becomes the biggest hindrance against solace and peace of mind.
The exact point was being observed by myself at an apparel outlet when a small child was perplexed to make a choice from two of the images drawn dresses, the next level of choice was of course, the color that left him puzzled. The father was equally devastated, as he was short of time and the child was simply not being able to make a decision. Hence, it's the chain of the tyranny of choice that renders its influence on the state of patience and comfort on the dwellers in urban cities.
An in depth view of the referred situation is provided by Gertner in his idea of life choices & happiness. The author in his writing The futile pursuit of happiness illucify a complete different perception over the aspect of peace and solace availability in urban cities due to numerous choice. Jon (Gerter, 44) proffers the concept of overestimation of rejoicing expected from individual after the attainment of the desired element.
With reference to the provided writing, the forecasting and mis wanting are the core elements that cultivate happiness of a decision. However, in my opinion, forecasting or miswanting have nothing to do with the satisfaction. All that makes a difference is the esteem invested in the use of an element. For example, in urban cities, wide variety of cars are available. However, there is always something better than the purchase one made in the market that will keep him distracted. On the contrary, in small towns only limited models with purpose oriented approach are available to make the choice.
Cultivating to the obvious dimension of study with personal observation, I personally strongly support the notion of Jon Gertner that states that it is not necessary that all nice things brings happiness to one. Here in my perception the number of nice things is what that makes a difference. For example, in a small city Mobile is a nice thing and only limited models with specific options are available. However, when the same variety is approached in an urban city, numerous model by numerous brands with numerous specifications are available. Hence, the facility is transformed into a luxury due to wide assortment. Meanwhile, every member of the family will aspires the luxury irrespective of its need or requirement.
In short, apart from assortment the situation in urban living is further intensified with status symbols and pressure of extra spending. In this respect, small town is a heaven to live in, as it neither requires any luxury as a status symbol or any facility as essential of living. Thus, the stress free environment that is open to all is what that builds the grounds of peaceful living for an individual.
Hence forth, the other element of my focus over the approach is that human nature proffers the notion that The grass is always green on the other side. That is, no matter what choice an individual make, the other possible option and its result will always be viewed as an alluring option by the individual. Hence, the very element becomes a pitfall in this case.The fundamentalist approach apparent in small town saves the dwellings from the tyranny of choice or social status that marks the position of an individual in the society.
However, the same is not applicable in urban cities where brands and logos in present days are the major gauges of status. It was an astonishing experience in an itinerary to a nearby city that one of the passengers noticed my watch and asked for time. It was just an
unknown brand I was wearing at that time..and I said the same to him. He moved back and I literally felt the change in his dealings with me. Likewise, mobiles, laptops, and other such gadgets are the familiar examples. The function of the product is pressed deep under the fame, appearance and image of the product in mass. The same features by well known brand are offered in double the cost of an unknown brand. Young generation is flattered after the branded clothing, shoes and accessories. Even the residential blocks in urban cities are to be chosen from a wide assortment with a mix of objectives and functions. On the other hand, life in a small town is usually not loaded with such nice and branded stuff with up to date materials. Even the residential blocks are also scattered, yet the distance between the places is never an excuse. The hustle of traffic is abandoned with the peaceful modes of commute. The organised living, the healthy atmosphere and the sufficient but limited choices transform the environment into a serene place. Even the people around are all familiar with each other by their name. Thus, the living in a small town is much different than living in big cities. However, my argument do not offer the life of a small city as an option of better living but only peaceful living. The peace in the atmosphere in a small town is fabricated with the essence of fulfillment, rejoice and gratitude, unlike big cities where frustration and stressful choices drag apart the peace of life.
Precisely, it can be concluded that only limited options with a purpose oriented approach can grant choice positive connotation. Other than that the rapidly growing assortment imposed in urban cities merely confuse an individual. The dwelling in urban cities is compromised with solace and comfort because of the stressful impact of choices one have to make from the variety of assortments.
The intense indulgence in decision making from the wide variety available in urban cities exhausts oneself in the process of making a choice so much so that it becomes a chore rather than a joy. Perhaps this dimension could be related to the illustration provided by Schwartz in The tyranny of Choice. The other dimension as illustrated in Jon Gertner in The futile pursuit of happiness that determines the level of rejoice of choice as compromised because of heavy assortment.
The concept is beautifully incorporated in the referred writing with the support of experimental research conducted by a group of professors to study the human attitude over the element of decision making. In a distinct manner the life and choices of different people are illustrated in the content, highlighting the background of choices made by individuals. The options of peace by the same entity varies to a great extent pertaining to the accessibility and situation. However, the search of peace is always determined with self realization that is very much intact with the surroundings.
Hence, in such a state my opinion is that peace and solace are promised in small towns with limited options. The people in small towns are less demanding and happy with limited options. Hence, the disengaged state of mind and the leisure of realisation. The choices made in small towns comprehend certain level or quality of satisfaction that grants calculated level of rejoicing. Furthermore, the limited choices in a small town also disengage an individual from the stress of the other variety that could be alienating the solace of an individual. Therefore, I will support my stance with the statement that, "Spiritual peace and solace can easily be achieved in small towns. The urban areas are too occupied to offer the element of realization".
Gertner, Jon. "The futile pursuit of happiness." New York Times Magazine (2003): 44.
Schwartz, Barry. "The Tyranny Of Choice." The Writer's Presence (n.d.): 834 - 841.

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