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Published: 2021-06-18 05:27:36
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The New Jim Crow is a book written by Michelle Alexander that gives a brief history of the past caste systems that have troubled African-Americans and suggests that currently there is a different caste system. Michelle Alexander is a highly educated civil lawyer, legal scholar, and advocate. The author clearly advocates that today’s caste system is created by the American criminal justice system by aiming black men and imprisoning them. In her book, Michelle debates the legal systems that appear to be doing their work perfectly well. However, according to the author, it is evident that these legal systems have only replaced one racial caste system with a new one. It is clear that many black Americans are under the control of the criminal justice system. The author describes how African American face discrimination in housing, employment, education, and voting rights. This paper will openly describe mass incarceration and war on drugs as the major factors influencing racism in America.
Michelle arguments are slightly contradicting, but she broadly expresses issues that face African Americans in different ways. According to the author, it is apparent that criminal justice functions as a new system of ethnic control by aiming black men through the “war on drugs”. Based on the author’s argument, it is clear that the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986 has included severe punishment for delivery of crack which is associated with the blacks that powder cocaine that is associated with the whites. Therefore, it is evident that strict laws have been set in order to eliminate blacks from the society. In addition, it is clear that the legal systems in the United States have indicated civil penalties that prevent the blacks from being able to stay in public housing and not being in a position to get student loans. In general, Michelle is trying to describe that racism still exists because of the laws that African-Americans from doing some things. More than a few African Americans in the current world face a number of issues that they cannot control because of the strict laws set for them (Alexander 121).
Michelle uses strong arguments to state the issue. For instance, she claims that the idea of the War on Drugs is simply a strategy to prevent or control people of color from political procedures. According to the author, this approach is clearly racism that prevents blacks from participating in numerous societal activities. Michelle argues that more than a few African Americans have been arrested as a result of being suspicious. The legal system of America has granted police officers the ability to search and arrest individuals whenever they suspect (Alexander 231).
Michelle argues that statistics provided suggests that poor black men in America have been stopped by police more than once and arrested more than once. In addition, blacks have been imprisoned more often than the white offenders. This is a clear indication that the legal systems of American are biased. The author strongly describes the laws that have been set by the legal systems of America has forced blacks into permanent new caste. Clearly, African Americans are ineffective because their voice cannot be heard by the American administration. Michelle states how America legal systems indirectly oppress African Americans (Alexander 123).
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