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Published: 2021-06-18 06:13:05
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When it comes to describing post-modernism, art work by of Bo Bartlett gives the best explanation. The picture shows a bunch of women resting most probably after some hard work. This is a painting that speaks millions especially on the tireless contributions of women in issues of modernism. Their dressing reveals women from the Victorian age. Compared to the Victorian age and the post-modern age, there is a lot of transformation especially on the role played by women in the society. The task is indeed overwhelming yet the women have to hold each other’s hands and fight the fight.

As revealed in the picture, there is the aspect of surrender and exhaustion. This implies that even though the women got what they wanted in terms of representation, it has become a bit tough for them to manage and handle the responsibilities.

Women have found themselves in positions where they cannot neglect their traditional responsibilities of taking care of the home as well as the corporate responsibilities. This hence lives them so tired at the end of the day that the family unit is under threat. It appears as if at the end of the day, the women do not have any extra strength to take care of their children and their husbands. It is mainly for this reason that the sole purpose of babysitting has been left for televisions and computers.

On the other hand, they cannot go back to the earlier days of the Victorian age where they were homemakers. This is because of the demanding expenses and the modern lifestyle that they are now acquainted. With post-modernism, the world has to brace up for issues that are more sophisticated. Even though technology is growing, it is creating more problems to human relationships than solutions. This is however an irreversible trend that we ultimately have to be accustomed.

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