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Published: 2021-06-18 06:46:48
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QUESTION 2 In the beginning of the story, Enn viewed Vic as a person who is confident, cool and who can easily sweep any pretty girl off her feet. Vic had the charm of a prince. He had handsome teenage looks and a smile that could melt any heart. Enn was a little intimidated with the way Vic was always good with girls. He had a record of having several girlfriends before and he displayed an ease around them, which Enn could never do. As the boys entered the party, Vic easily charms Stella to let them in. Enn noticed how easily Stella was taken with Vic’s cool way of talking and his looks. He imagined him as a guy who knew more about everything than him, that is why he took his advice to talk more to girls if he wanted to end up anywhere with them. The ease with which Vic had his arm around Stella within no time did not come as a surprise to Enn. Vic was the ultimate charmer and it was an established fact that the prettiest of girls would be seen with him. But towards the end of story, when Vic takes Stella upstairs with him and comes back in a rush to take Enn away, made Enn view him in a different way. Vic suddenly seemed out of composure and when Enn saw the expression on Stella’s face, he felt uneasy that how things could go wrong with Vic and a girl. The major change in Vic’s impression on Enn established when Vic started crying when they came out. He looked like an upset little boy that was nothing like what Enn had imagined Vic to be.

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