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Published: 2021-06-18 06:46:48
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I went to my local grocery store to buy potatoes which I need for my dinner and just then, my favorite chocolate Ferrero Rocher appeared on the aisle. It seriously caught my eye as it is my favorite chocolate and I hardly miss an opportunity to leave them aside. I forgot all about my dinner and my potatoes, just took the Ferrero Rocher chocolate and was about to go for billing. Again, something on the aisle caught my eye and put me in a great dilemma. On the aisle were potato chips, which reminded me of my potatoes and the reason why I came to the grocery store. Then without a second thought I ran to the vegetables section and took the potatoes I needed. Again, I remembered that I left my wallet at my home and have enough change which would buy me either the potatoes or the chocolate. I was put in a mix, as the chocolate was the last one and I was pretty sure someone would buy it if I go home to get my wallet. Again, I could not go home without the potatoes as it was already pretty late and I couldn’t afford any more delay for my dinner. I counted my change again and again with the hope of getting a few more pennies. I turned over all the pockets of my jeans and shirt with the hope of getting any money. But, just as I knew, there was nothing left with me other than the change I already had. Then, I thought to myself that there will always be things which I need and the things which I want. The things which I want are not exactly essential to me. They could always be acquired again. But, the things I need are not something which I can afford to neglect as they are essentials to me. I mentally prepared my mind to put the chocolate away and go on with the potatoes. If I was lucky, I could get the chocolate the next day when I go out. With these in my thoughts, I went to the billing counter and went away from the store taking only my potatoes and a heavy heart as I could prepare my mind but my heart was still looking for the Ferrero Rocher chocolate.

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