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Published: 2021-06-18 06:46:51
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In the process of socialization every person definitely faces with the aggression from the side of other people. The phenomenon of aggression has been discussed by many psychologists and sociologists from the different perspectives. Lots of theories and surveys discuss the factors and the roots of aggression. So what are the reasons that make people humiliate others is the question we need to answer.
While watching videos on YouTube I always try to find something eye-catching and funny. Yesterday I stumbled on a new episode that concerned bullying. I expected to see the evidence of violence in High School. It`s obvious that nerds are often bullied at school and cannot protect themselves. A boy was sitting at the desk while his classmates surrounded him and were trying to humiliate. At that moment I felt sorry for this boy. I can hardly express my surprise when he stood up and attacked his offender. I considered it to be a self-defense. My feelings and impressions were rather controversial. I didn`t expect that nerd could protect himself, but I was really proud he was able to hold off his classmates attack. So what I felt was a sense of justice. While watching this episode I was concerned about the problem of bullying at school. Bullying usually makes me feel depressed, arouse a feeling of panic as if I am in a vicious circle. I used to be bullied in primary school. It was a shame to tell my parents or friends. I wanted everyone to think I could resolve that problem by myself. The only way I could express my feelings was writing in my diary. As aggression has biological roots and all the human beings tend to belong to powerful group, it is hard to confess you cannot protect yourself and you are not liked by the others. A guy that used to bully me in primary school had his own motive for behaving in such a way. As it turned out later, he was a victim in his own family and by means of aggression he wanted to be respected by the others. My elder brother said the solution was to change the role I was playing and not to let others make me frightened. I had to perform like a winner to stop that humiliation
While the reasons and aspects of aggression are understood, they are not the solution for the problem of aggression. My own view is that although we understand the roots of aggression, in fact we need the effective strategies and methods to protect ourselves by means of our will-power.
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