Interpersonal Conflict in Film Course Work

Published: 2021-06-18 06:12:39
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It is believed that interpersonal conflicts are part of everyday lives. People possibly encounter conflict in their personal life, on the job, or a sort of acquaintances. People who identify conflict and deal the conflict well could help their relationships improve. These conflicts can be destructive and it only makes sense to have useful information on how to handle it. Conflicts happened during disagreement, in accomplishing a certain task or deciding from different alternative courses of action. Interpersonal conflicts happened when people failed to share common views and different goals or interests. Interpersonal conflict is a personal matter and can be considered as an angry disagreement. The moment interpersonal conflict burst, the possible thing involved is the emotion; relationship is threatened by this emotion if the conflict is not handled or resolved agreeably. A stressful environment caused interpersonal conflict such as doubts of future events, and resources scarcity leading to disagreement among people. Informational deficiency is also a source of interpersonal conflict. There are times when communications are not always received well and probably be misinterpreted or people come out with a different conclusions based from experiences in the past.

If only Hansen listen to Peter’s statements that he is not doing something wrong and the fact that he is thankful for letting him ride in his car in a cold night. If only Hansen listen that, the reason why he is laughing because he has something in possession that is the same as Hansen’s. When Peter tried to show him, what is inside his pocket, Hansen could just have wait and see it and laugh along with Peter. Due to Hansen’s suspensions and being nervous, he misjudged Peter and shot him dead. Hansen misinterpreted Peter’s actions and he came out with a different meaning based from the aura he has seen. Hansen handled the conflict differently by not showing harmony instead dispute happened, he not quite aware about his emotions or feelings and he should have had used an emotional intelligence how to deal with such interpersonal conflict and resolved it properly. If it happened the way it should be in a positive way, he would not end up killing Peter and hide the crime by just leaving the dead body, in the midst of dark isolated road, not to abandon his car after he lit it on fire.


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