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Part 1

The actor used the words to refer to the reaction that the public had after he published his novel. The nation reacted in horror. The president at the time ordered an immediate investigation in the meat industry. However, he privately informed the author that he had no love for the socialist polemic, at the end of the novel. The words used by the author describe the activities that took place after the publishing of the book. Two months after publication of the book, the country created two legislations. These include the pure food and drug act and the meat inspection act. The book made the author a household name and ensured that he was financially stable. The book forced the people to look at the standards of food produced in their various industries (Sinclair, 252). They created ways of ensuring that the kind of food produced had standards. The book prompted the people to react on what they ate. This triggers the author to use the specified word. He used the words to refer to the reaction that people had towards his book. The words also refer to the actions that people took to after reading his novel.

The novel has connections to the pure food and drug policy in 1906 because the book triggered formulation of the act. The act, together with the meat inspection policy came into existence two months after the formulation of the novel. The novel caused controversy and the president had no option but to create ways of dealing with the factors that the author brought forward. The novel concerned itself with factors such as unsafe food handling and illegal practices in the meat industry. The factors that he exposed in his novel lead to the creation of the laws. The creation of the acts was to ensure that there is a level of regulation in the meat industry. The acts ensure that people practice safe practices in the way that they handle meat production. It also ensures that the people use all the required safety measures. The laws ensure that the food that people consume has quality and safety to it. As a reaction to the novel, the act is a way of dealing with the problems faced in the meat industry.

The meat production industry in the early 1900s needed regulation (Sinclair, 245). There were so many inappropriate acts in the industry. The author witnessed various illegal acts during his working time in the meat industry. These irregular activities endanger the lives of people. The meat industry required regulation due to the cases of illegal handling and unsafe practices in the meat industry. There was also corruption of the beef trust. The industries also had cases of exploitation among their laborers. The reaction that the public had after the publication of the book shows why there was need for regulation in the meat production industry. The amount of unsafe and illegal activities would only affect the consumers and probably lead to adverse effects. It was therefore reasonable that they find a way to regulate the meat, to ensure that the meat that people consume has characteristics of safety.
There is need for that kind of regulation in the food production industries today. The problems that the meat industry had in 1900 might still find their way in the current time. Cases of corruption and mistreatment of workers still exist in today job market. Cases of malpractices in the working area also occur. There has to be a way of avoiding these factors especially in the food production industry because the result of bad food affects the public. Bad food could have adverse effects on the lives of people. It is a very delicate matter hence requires seriousness. At times, the production companies might have greed for profits and skip some safety activities hence producing low qualities of food (Sinclair, 256). In addition, occasionally there is always that company that tries to defy the rules in search of profits above other companies. This explains the need for regulation in today’s meat production industries.

Part 2

It is not ethical for American countries to export business to third world countries. First, it destroys jobs for American people. The American people at times have to settle for jobs that they have no training in because of the lack of available jobs. The companies export job opportunities and this makes American people lack the jobs that they need to ensure that they make ends meet. Most industries end up mistreating the people that they employ in the third world countries. In the end, people working in poor conditions have no ability to produce quality goods. They end up producing second hand material. Exportation of jobs is also unethical due to the issue of child labor. Some companies invest in underage labor because is relatively cheaper as compared to other forms of labor. Developing countries do not have the standard worker rights. Due to this, the people work under dilapidated conditions. At times, such companies hire children in a bid to reduce the amount of money spent in paying employees.

There is a poor practice of human rights in such regions, which makes it hard for such people t Produce quality goods. People working in harsh conditions have no ability to produce quality products. In addition, at times customers and stakeholders feel the need to identify with the company. This is a bit impossible if the people associate themselves with unethical worker conditions. The only advantage that shipping jobs oversees has is the fact that it is cheaper as the companies avoid tax payments. However, there are certain unethical practices that could pin the companies if exposed. Cases such as child labor can sink a company. There is a benefit in investing in the workers. Certain companies believe in the rights of the workers hence they pay them properly. In such a scenario, the worker gets better pay hence has the capability to provide and educate his children. In the end, the children have a capacity to invest in the company. This cycle ensures that companies help improve the lives of people in the country.

It is not good for businesses to allow creation of products by workers in sweatshops with no ability to attain a living wage. This is a bit obvious because underpaid people have no ability to produce quality results. This is a form of slavery because the amount of work that the workers do does not compare to the salary that they receive. Such workers have no morale to work hard in their lines of work. They have low desires to improve the quality of the products that they make. Such workers might even result to the falling of the company because they have no connection or love for the product that they make. Treating workers in a good way and ensuring that they receive the salary that they deserve helps in the creation of a good working environment.

Such workers have passion for what they do in their companies. They have a connection with the product hence work in a manner to ensure that they improve the company. They create a liking for the company because they feel that the company cares about them. Such workers have the ability to produce quality products as compared to the companies that mistreat their workers. People in developing nations also look for ways of increasing their income so they might involve children in the acts. The children end up performing such activities instead of spending their time in school. It is a basic human right for children to receive education. Making the children work instead of studying breaks this law. Such children do not even have the qualifications to work in the said companies. The children end up exposed and vulnerable at a young age. Such children have no chance of improving their lives because they have no access to education.

Part 3

Certain books resulted in the formulation of laws. Various laws resulting from exposure include the great depression and race religion. Most of the legislation in reference to race resulted from many activities, which includes written books. The books include Martin Luther’s books. The books create scenarios that inform the people about the wrongs happening in the society. Public uproar then forces the people in power to create laws to prevent the factors from occurring in the society. Some authors find ways of informing people by writing articles in papers and magazines. During the 1900’s writers who wrote to expose certain behavior were muckrakers. They used the press to find ways of changing the society. At times, the public reacts to the information given and at times the publications result in the formation of laws. The jungle is an example of time books that resulted in the formulation of laws. Certain laws including child labor result from exposure of such activities from the media. They create the laws in a bid to ensure that people do not undergo the evil treatment

Work Cited

Sinclair, Upton. The Jungle, New York: Double Day Publishers. 1906, 232-279

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