What Does Sheikh Zaabalawi Represent Is He Symbolic Of Anything In Particular Creative Writing

Published: 2021-06-18 06:46:45
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Camus's "The Guest" (pp. 1580-97).
As the story ends, Daru seems to be threatened with a consequence he doesn’t deserve. Is this just? Is there any way he could have created a good outcome? Why do you think Camus chooses to end the story this way?
As it has been indicated in the post, Daru’s situation is one that portrays the diverse view through which the society perceives an individual. In the need to seek to establish a good rapport with the society, Daru lets the prisoner decide on which way to go-the escape route or the way to freedom. The post clearly identifies the moral dilemma in the story as it concerns Daru; he is at a position to hand in the prisoner to the administration serves or otherwise let the prisoner escape scot free without any charges whatsoever despite his crime. In agreement with the post, Daru could have taken a bold decision to lead the prisoner away to safety by escorting him to freedom since giving him choices oared some chance of having him back in prison. A situation Daru did not anticipate.
Camus, as identified in the post sought to make it known that to find a balance between what is good for us and the society in general requires a consultative process otherwise we must be ready to take up responsibility for our actions and decisions.
Agreeably, the search for Zaabalawi all but explains his nature-almost omnipotent and to a large extent is not easily reachable. The author of this post is correct in the sense that Sheikh Zaabalawi symbolizes God or a spiritual being, and in Zaabalawi case, his character and actions of reaching out to everybody explains a power beyond human. In essence, his character would explain or demystify how God works or reaches to the people. The terminally ill man endures an unending journey to seek for Zaabalawi, seemingly not to know or seek his whereabouts but just because he needs to be cured. This would only represent how the society seeks divine intervention only in times of need and is largely ignorant of this divine power when all is well. Therefore, I concur with the post that Zaabalawi is a true representation of the spiritual world and supernatural power that brings power, life and peace.

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